Johnson Controls volunteers pose with piles of CareBoxes

CareBox Program

A great opportunity to help provide a bit of comfort to those going through trying times. Participate in this volunteer program by assembling CareBoxes that will be distributed to patients being treated for burn injuries in Burn Units across Illinois. 

This makes for a great corporate team building event or fun activity for community groups and organizations – while making a direct impact on those injured by burns.

How to Create CareBoxes

  • Quantity: Choose the number of CareBoxes you want to create. Each CareBox costs $20 to complete – minimum order of 100 CareBoxes. Payment is 100% tax deductable.
  • Location: Determine where the supplies will be delivered and the CareBoxes will be assembled.
  • Delivery: Allow 2-4 weeks for CareBox supplies to be delivered.
  • Submit Request Form: Click on the link below to request your supplies to create CareBoxes!
Example of a CareBox featuring toiletries