Naperville Elementary School Raises Funds for Camp “I Am Me”

The Maplebrook School students are compassionate, loving, and kind.  As a school, part of their mission is to encourage their students to be community contributors while also finding ways to build their inner wealth. One way the students do that is by getting involved in the community.  To help encourage their students to be involved in the community, the Maplebrook Student Council hosted their Capture-It games.  Capture-It provided students the opportunity to raise funds for the IFSA’s Camp “I Am Me.” The Capture-It games provided a meaningful way for the students of Maplebrook to learn that Kids can make a difference!

Students that were interested in playing Capture-It in their grade levels donated any amount.  Any donation (even $1) helps kids learn that they can make a difference.  To celebrate, the students who donated were able to join in on a supervised and safe Capture-It game.

Through their efforts, the Maplebrook Student Council was able to collect more than $3,000! With the guidance of their amazing teachers, Mrs. Cummings and Ms. Forrest, the Student Council along with all the students of Maplebrook surely showed that kids can make a difference!