Volunteer Spotlight | Arica Finney

Volunteer Spotlight Arica Finney

My previous employer volunteers every year to get the campground ready for the campers by fixing, painting, and installing things. I wanted to get involved because I have fundraised and done things behind the scenes, but always wanted to have experiences with the actual kids. I grew up volunteering with my local Lions Club and I love the interaction, making people smile, and being part of the community.

My most memorable experience in the several years I have volunteered at Camp “I Am Me” was my first trip to camp. I arrived early and had the chance to eat lunch with a few of the female campers and we chatted about camp and boys, ha! We took some pictures in a photobooth at the Fun Fair, got ice cream together, and played a few games. The pure joy on the kids’ faces to play and be free from stares, comments, questions – it was so much fun to be a part of. I wish everyone knew how liberating it is for these kids, and how different the week is from their daily lives. One week of pure freedom from being stared at, looked at differently, treated differently.

People should get involved with the IFSA because education is our priority. Fire safety and prevention will protect us all from harm and the lasting effects of fire. Making fire alarms accessible to all, reminding people to test and replace batteries, and increase the reach of resources available.