Volunteer Spotlight | Kim Payne

Volunteer Spotlight Kim Payne

I became a volunteer through my dad, who was a NW Homer FPD Lt. He had done the Boot Day for Burn Survivors campaign in May of 1994 and then signed up to participate at camp. He came home and said, “You would love this, and you have to go!” I signed up in 1995 and have been going to camp ever since. It changed my life and even changed my daughters’ lives.

My most memorable fun “camp” experience was the year my cabin stole all the male counselors’ underwear, put them all in a large black garbage bag and hid them in an empty cabin. When we took the underwear, we left a message with a clue on their bunk which took them all over camp to clue after clue. I’m pretty sure the guys ransacked a golf cart at one point. NO ONE knew who did it. We kept it secret until Appreciation Day. While we were doing our variety show performance, my girls tied it into their camp rap/dance and the camp went crazy. Let’s just say the rest of the week was toilet papered cabins and loads of laughs. My campers still talk about it to this day as adults.

I wish people could know and understand the special feeling and connection camp gives. The only word I know of that can describe it is “magic.” The IFSA is a teaching organization that gives to all ages and saves lives emotionally and physically. What could be more important than that?