Smoke Alarms & Your Safety Trifold

Smoke Alarms & Your Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly three out of five home fire deaths were the result of fires without a smoke alarm or without a working smoke alarm! These life safety devices alert occupants that there is a potential danger and provide timely warning to escape the home before becoming overcome by smoke and heat.

This informational trifold will help educate residents on the importance of having working smoke alarms in their homes. Messages include types of smoke alarms, reducing nuisance alarms, using 10-year tamper-proof battery alarms, testing, alarm placement, and simple steps to ensure smoke alarms work properly in the home. View this document in PDF form.

The Smoke Alarms & Your Safety trifold is available at no-cost throughout Illinois and is made possible by the supporters of Camp I Am Me.

The Smoke Alarms & Your Safety! trifold is supported by First Alert.