Attendees of the Phoenix Society's World Burn Congress 2023

World Burn Congress Sponsorship

World Burn Congress Scholarship committee

About the Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress
Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a national nonprofit supporting burn survivors, hosts the World Burn Congress.

Camp I Am Me Scholarship
Camp I Am Me has been providing a scholarship opportunity to burn survivors and their family members from Illinois for numerous years. The scholarship covers the costs involved in participating in the four-day conference including conference registration fees, travel accommodations to and from the event, and lodging. 

Scholarship Expectations & Requirements
Qualifying applicants must reside in Illinois in addition to being either a burn survivor, parent of a burn survivor, or a family member/caregiver that has had their life impacted by the burn or is involved in the recovery of the survivor. Applicants under 18 years of age at the time of the conference must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (separate application must be completed). To learn more about the Phoenix Society and the World Burn Congress, visit

The Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress will Return in 2025