Boot Day participants

Boot Day for Burn Survivors Fundraising Campaign

Support & Empower Survivors Through Community Engagement

2024 Rally Dates:
May 3-5
September 20-22

Firefighter on the street collecting funds with a boot

Burn survivors live with the physical and emotional scars from the trauma of being burned, and through Camp I Am Me programming, they can access a range of opportunities to – over time – heal from the inside out.

We ask for fire departments, organizations, companies, and others’ support and help so that we can continue to provide our yearly Summer Camp, burn survivor programs, Family Days, adult support groups, and other events and activities that help survivors to be able to say, “I am me,” despite their scars.

How can you help? Your organization can host a Boot Day for Burn Survivors Campaign, and hopefully, as a tradition moving forward to help Camp I Am Me continue to provide programs at no cost to survivors and their families.

Camp I Am Me is continually working to increase our reach so that all burn survivors in Illinois and beyond are aware of our supportive and empowering programs. Your participation in this fundraising will help us achieve this end.

Two options are now being provided to groups looking to host Boot Day fundraising events for Camp I Am Me. The traditional on the street/in front of store option as well as a virtual option, which is social media and email-based.

Whether you’re collecting donations at intersections and storefronts this year, or creating social media and email campaigns, your commitment to support those impacted by burn injuries will make a significant difference.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator, Jenny Tzortzos, or (847) 390-0911.