Join a Committee

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Joining a volunteer committee is a great way to utilize your skill sets to help advance the mission of the organization. Camp I Am Me now has several committee options for those interested to help support fire & life safety, burn survivor support, fundraising, and marketing & communications. Learn more about these committees, their structure, and goals.

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Committee member responsibilities include serving in an advisory role to guide the committee, expressing ideas and providing input, actively participating in meetings, and participation in the development and implementation of the committee goals.

  • Committee meetings will be conducted a minimum 4 times per year
  • An Camp I Am Me Board Member shall serve as Chairperson on each committee
  • Committees will review the organization’s Strategic Plan, identify related strategies to bring to the committee, and develop methods to advance the Strategic Plan

All committees must report directly to the Board of Directors and cannot take any independent, binding action without prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Purpose: The Fire & Life Safety Committee is a standing committee that will identify programs and methods to educate the public and reduce the number of fires and burn-related injuries across the state.

  • Goal 1 – Identify fire and burn injury-related trends nationally and statewide
  • Goal 2 – Identify partners and opportunities to help support the development and/or enhancement of fire and life safety programs and resources
  • Goal 3 – Identify partners and opportunities to help promote developed fire and life safety programs and resources
  • Goal 4 – Support fire and life safety legislation and public policy efforts

Purpose: The Burn Survivor Support & Programs Committee is a standing committee that will develop strategies and seek opportunities to identify burn survivors and provide the support and programming necessary to assist in their physical and emotional recovery.

  • Goal 1 – Review and evaluate existing programs & survivor identification strategies
  • Goal 2 – Oversee program & survivor identification expansion or development

Purpose: The Fundraising Committee is a standing committee that will identify fundraising strategies and opportunities to insure the financial viability and stability of the organization.

  • Goal 1 – Identify companies, businesses, and organizations whose missions aligns with Camp I Am Me and may be able to support via donation, 3rd party fundraising, or sponsorship
  • Goal 2 – To provide guidance, resources, and additional support to staff in the identification, development, and administration of Camp I Am Me-hosted fundraising events
  • Goal 3 – Foster and build relationships with current and potential donors and foundations

Purpose: The Marketing and Communications Committee is a standing committee that will identify various avenues to bring positive exposure and awareness to the organization.

  • Goal 1 – Expand on traditional marketing strategies and tools
  • Goal 2 – Identify non-traditional marketing strategies and tools
  • Goal 3 – Develop strategies on how to communicate Camp I Am Me’s message to potential donors