The Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship: Empowering Survivors to Pursue their Education

Caper Brown burn survivor on a boat

Education is an essential aspect of personal growth and success. However, for burn survivors, the journey towards academic achievement often comes with additional challenges and financial burdens. Fortunately, organizations From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation offer assistance through scholarships such as the Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship.

The Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, is designed to support survivors in their educational journey. This scholarship program assesses applicants based on various criteria, including their required essay, academic performance, community service, economic need, career/life aspirations, and the impact burn injuries have had on their lives. The scholarship, awarded for a one-year period from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025, provides financial support to cover tuition fees and other school-related expenses directly to the recipient’s school. This helps alleviate some of the financial burdens that burn survivors may face while pursuing higher education.

The Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, offered by From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation and supported by Camp I Am Me, stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication in supporting survivors on their educational journey. By addressing the financial barriers that often arise after burn injuries, this scholarship program enables these individuals to focus on their education and pursue brighter futures.

To learn more about the requirements and application deadline for the Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, click here.