Volunteer Spotlight | Arica Finney

Volunteer Spotlight | Arica Finney

My previous employer volunteers every year to get the campground ready for the campers by fixing, painting, and installing things. I wanted to get involved because I have fundraised and done things behind the scenes, but always wanted to have experiences with the actual kids. I grew up volunteering with my local Lions Club and I love the interaction, making people smile, and being part of the community.

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Volunteer Spotlight David Prajka

Volunteer Spotlight | David Prajka

I started in the fire and security industry 20 years ago and I remember someone suggesting that we attend this camp as a way to give back but also meet with local key people in the fire industry. I remember the first year driving home from camp exhausted but also with this feeling of such accomplishment that we were able to help those who needed it. I admit to being hooked from that day forward.

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Volunteer Spotlight Bob Payne

Volunteer Spotlight | Bob Payne

Camp is a two-way street – the campers get something out of it and volunteers do too. For the kids, they get to be in an environment where they can be themselves and not just the kid that has burn scars. They are just regular kids that were delt a bad hand. What volunteers get out of the program is the joy of providing this environment for these amazing kids. One thing that I personally noticed about this is that I no longer notice people that might look “different” from others. I see the person, not the difference.

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Volunteer Spotlight Pattie Rothstein

Volunteer Spotlight | Pattie Rothstein

I was first introduced to the IFSA during the VW Credit, Inc. Charity Golf Outing about 9 years ago. The IFSA is one of the organizations we support and heard them speak during the dinner portion of the event. A short video was played of the campers having fun and I was amazed at these brave kids that have persevered through so much pain in their healing process…

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Volunteer Spotlight Randy Ahlgrim

Volunteer Spotlight | Randy Ahlgrim

I first heard about the IFSA at a public education conference I was attending in Galena. We were being told about this exciting new idea of a week-long camp for children that had survived their burn injuries. The idea sounded intriguing, though I admit, I was a little hesitant. How would I react? Would I cry? I had been a firefighter/paramedic for 10 years and I recalled part of my training involved working a shift at the burn unit…

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