Frequently Asked Questions

24 smoke alarms will be provided to fire departments per request. Once 20 of the 24 smoke alarms have been successfully installed and the required data has been submitted via the web portal, fire departments will have the ability to request an additional 24 alarms.

No, any smoke alarms received from the Be Alarmed! Smoke Alarm Installation Program must be installed in homes by the participating fire department.

Fire Departments are expected to have the smoke alarms installed within three months of receiving them. If fire departments do not submit installation data within three months of receiving the smoke alarms, the fire departments may be asked to return the smoke alarms.

Fire departments are able to install as few or as many smoke alarms per home as they desire. It is recommended that the number of smoke alarms installed per home be noted in the fire department’s Installation Program information packet and that it remain consistent from home to home.

All fields on the Installation Survey Form (via the web portal) are required to be completed by the fire department. The form cannot be formally submitted electronically if any fields are left blank.

Fire departments are not permitted to charge for providing smoke alarms received from the Be Alarmed! Smoke Alarm Installation Program.

No, as a business owner, they must supply and install their own smoke alarms for their tenants. The smoke alarms received from the Be Alarmed! Program are for homeowners only.

Fire departments are encouraged to contact Camp I Am Me at 847-390-0911, via email.