College Campus

For most students, the last fire safety training they received was in grade school. It is important that both off-campus and on-campus students understand fire risks and know the preventative measures that could save their lives including safety tips along with smoke alarms and sprinklers. 

How to use this toolkit

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Additional Tips

Off-Campus Housing

  • If you live in an apartment unit or house, make sure smoke alarms are installed in each sleeping room, outside every sleeping area, and on every level of the apartment unit or house.
  • Know two ways out of every room and practice the escape plan with your roommates.
  • Test all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms at least monthly
  • Never remove batteries or disable the smoke alarms or carbon monoxide (CO) alarms

On-Campus Housing

  • If you live in a dormitory, make sure your sleeping room has a smoke alarm, or your dormitory suite has a smoke alarm in each living area as well as the sleeping room

On- and Off-Campus Housing

  • Look for housing with fire sprinklers when choosing a dorm or off-campus housing – This is the best fire protection
  • Make sure you can hear the building alarm when you are in your bedroom
  • Learn about your building’s evacuation plan and practice drills as if they are the real thing
  • Read any emergency information cards posted in your area
  • When the fire alarm sounds, get out of the building quickly and stay out
  • Make sure carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are installed in dorm rooms
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking
  • Cook only when you are alert, not sleepy or drowsy from medicine or alcohol
  • Many schools do not permit the use of traditional candles – Consider using flameless candles