Camp I Am Me appreciates your interest in sponsoring a fundraising event on our behalf, and requests that you read and comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Please contact the Camp I Am Me office at (847) 390-0911 or to share the details of your event so we can help publicize it on our website and social media pages.
  2. We are happy to supply handouts for your event. Please provide the type and quantity of support material you will need.
  3. Camp I Am Me staff, Board Members, or volunteers will work towards being in attendance at your event to assist in any way, speak on behalf of the organization, and/or for general support.
  4. Camp I Am Me strongly discourages telemarketing campaigns and will not be approved or supported.
  5. The use of the name “Camp I Am Me” or “Illinois Fire Safety Alliance” and organization logo for solicitation purposes is strictly prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained.
  6. We request review of any marketing fliers or brochures that include the use of the Camp I Am Me logo on them prior to dissemination.

If you have any photos of your event, please send them to so we can share them and highlight your efforts.

Fundraising Ideas

50/50 Raffle, 5k Race, Antique Auto Show, BBQ Competition, Boot Day, Bowling, Community Event Participation, Cook/Bake-Off, Fitness Challenge, Game Night, Golf Outing, IFSA Fundraiser Participation, Jeans Day, Motorcycle Ride, Pancake Breakfast, Raffle, Restaurant/Bar Night, Sports Competition.