Announcing Camp I Am Me’s Newest Survivor Support Resource: The Lending Library

Camp I Am Me is excited to announce its newest resource, the Lending Library. At Camp I Am Me, it is believed that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to healing from trauma. This can be a complex and challenging process, which is why Camp I Am Me recognizes the importance of providing burn survivors with the tools they need to navigate their journey. The Lending Library is a resource that offers survivors access to various titles related to mental health, trauma, and healing.

The Lending Library makes it easy for survivors to access books that can provide insights, guidance, and inspiration. Books are available for survivors to borrow for a period of five weeks, allowing ample time to read and absorb the valuable information within the pages. The Camp I Am Me team ensures that the borrowing process is seamless, as books are mailed to survivors through USPS mail. Additionally, a postage-paid envelope is included for convenient return shipping.

As the Lending Library continues to grow, Camp I Am Me is dedicated to incorporating books specifically written for young adults and teens. Currently, most of the titles available are catered towards adults. The program’s commitment to expanding the collection ensures that survivors of all ages can benefit from the healing power of literature.

Accessing the Lending Library is a straightforward process. Survivors simply need to visit the Lending Library section of the Camp I Am Me website and select their preferred title from the provided list. After making a selection, survivors are prompted to fill out a form with their name, contact information, and mailing address. Once all the necessary details are submitted, the book will be promptly mailed to the survivor’s provided address.