Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship Awarded

Megan Kolpacki headshot

Last year, the From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation (FTTTF) created a new opportunity for the burn survivor community. The Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, supported by the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, provides funds for those with financial need when they are accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution. This opportunity is made available to only those who are current or former Camp “I Am Me” campers who meet the FTTTF criteria, including being a burn survivor, a resident of Illinois, and is a high school senior or having a high school diploma. The awards are based on the required essay, academic performance, community service, economic need, career/life aspirations, and the impact their burn injury had on their life.  

2022’s recipient of the Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship is an inspirational young woman who was injured when her house went up in flames due to a gas leak at the age of twelve. Her dad was able to find her and throw flaming drywall off her, getting her out in time. After months of being in and out of the hospital, she went back to school attempting to hide her scars, but after a week spent at Camp “I Am Me” the following summer, she returned with pride in her scars and her experience, even helping another student at her school to find his confidence following his own burn injury. Crediting the nurses that helped in her recovery and already beginning to work as a certified nurse’s aide, she will start her collegiate career this coming fall at Louisiana State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The recipient of the first Camper Brown Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Megan Kolpacki.