Summer Camp Blog – Sunday, June 18th

Today was an amazing day … the first day of camp!

We pumped up the jams and got the bubble machine on full speed to welcome campers at check-in. Lots of hugs for returning campers, and lots of smiles and encouragement to first-year campers too. A personalized Friendship Bracelet was given to every camper, compliments of a young individual who thought these would brighten their day.

Campers were checked in, ready to start their camp experience by the early afternoon.

Great temps today and plenty of sunshine for a little splash pad experience for the younger campers, while nice breezes through the trees encouraged others to play bags and frisbee.

Events: Today included the first Flag Down Ceremony and a group photo, followed by dynamic speaker/best-selling author and burn survivor Cody Byrnes. In his presentation shared his own struggles and how he managed his healing process to allow him to continue to pursue his dreams. He then encouraged all the campers to find their inner strengths and resilience.

Meals: First dinner was dinner – Lasagna. There was a choice between meat sauce or marinara, and a dairy free lasagna as well. It was complimented by garlic bread and steamed vegetable. Dessert was Tiramisu.

Weather: Going to get hotter this week so waterfront activities, pool and splash pad will be in demand.

Big Thank You’s!: Transportation volunteers (Chicago FD, Rich Dudlo, Stephen Clayton, and Rockford FD), Check-In Day volunteers (Michelle Nabor and sister, May Vang, Alicia Pavone and daughter), Guy & Gina McAndrew, Cody Byrnes, Camp sponsors (FSS Technologies, Johnson Controls, 1-800-BoardUp of Rolling Meadows, CWF Restoration, Getz Fire Equipment Company, Illinois Public Risk Fund, Ottosen DiNolfo Hasenbalg & Castaldo, Paul Davis Restoration, Sawyer Falduto Asset Management, Shields Capital, & VFIS Insurance) , Logistics crew (Hoffman Estates FD), Health Center volunteers, Snack Coordinator (Robert Moir – Mr. Hospitality), The Station House Stitchers, Swedish American Hospital, Bear Hugs of Chicagoland and our volunteer fathers!

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