Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship Awarded

In 2021, the From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation (FTTTF) created a new school scholarship opportunity for the burn survivor community. The Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, supported by Camp I Am Me, provides funds for those with financial need when they are accepted into an accredited post-secondary institution. This opportunity is made available to only those who are current or former Camp I Am Me Summer Camp campers who meet the FTTTF criteria, including being a burn survivor, a resident of Illinois, and is a high school senior or having a high school diploma. The awards are based on the required essay, academic performance, community service, economic need, career/life aspirations, and the impact their burn injury had on their life.  

2023 recipient of the Caper Brown Memorial Scholarship, Jesseka Boyer is a long-time burn survivor and high school cheerleader and track athlete. At just the age of one, she was left near a fire by a babysitter and curiously wanted to touch it. Her injuries resulted in the need for three emergency surgeries over the span of a month at the Madison, Wisconsin burn center. Growing up, her uncle introduced her to Camp I Am Me where she was deeply impacted by another camper who suffered burns to 70% of her body yet remained outgoing and positively minded. Jesseka’s time at Camp I Am Me over the years has helped inspire her to become a nurse and will be entering her second year pursuing her bachelor’s degree in nursing this coming fall at the University of Iowa.