Introducing the Pages of Healing Book Club

Embarking on a healing journey can be daunting, especially after experiencing a traumatic event like a burn injury. But at Camp I Am Me, we believe that healing is possible – and we’re excited to help you continue your journey with our Pages of Healing Book Club.

Our Book Club is a space for burn survivors (in addition to their family members, first responders, and medical professionals) to explore books that inspire, motivate, and empower us. Over the course of 2024, we’ll be diving into books that help us understand ourselves better, practice self-compassion, and find the courage to heal in ways we may never have considered before.

Whether you’re a book lover or a newbie to the world of literature, our Pages of Healing Book Club is for you. With a supportive community, we’ll be exploring books that offer guidance, hope, and inspiration through the ups and downs of healing.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you and start exploring the pages of healing together. Let’s start this new year with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration, and let these books guide us in making 2024 our best year yet. Learn more about this new program and what title is up next here!