Summer Camp Blog – Tuesday, June 20th

Happy Tuesday!

Today was another fun-filled day with lots of activities on deck. The lowered humidity definitely made a difference and the instructions of the day for counselors and staff for the campers were plenty of sunblock and hydration.

Events: Campers had plenty of opportunities to participate in the Climbing Tower, but another activity was included today called Teams – which requires individuals to work together in order to solve a puzzle. For instance how to get from one raised box to another without touching the ground, utilizing two planks that don’t reach all the way across the space between. Campers were quick to realize the only way they could be successful in this place was through a cooperative effort, and they then redoubled their efforts among one another to solve the puzzles.

High ropes and ziplining was also on deck for campers, many of whom had never tried it, but were willing either on their own or through the reassuring encouragement of their fellow campers, to give it a try. All smiles every time a camper finished the zipline.

Camp News debuted with campers moving around the camp, interviewing other campers about their camp experience while taking short video clips. These will then be put together for one fun video for everyone to watch. It’s a great way for young people to learn about journalism.

Other activities included Teams Course, High Ropes, Zipline, Climbing Tower, Aqua Zone (Pool, Splash Pad, & Waterfront) and Dry Zone (Euchre, Tie-Dye, Beads & Bracelets, Canvas Painting & 4-Square).

And if that’s not enough… we had Mane in Heaven visit us. They brought two of their mini horses under the big tent so campers could get close and pet them. Some campers also volunteered to help walk the horses around the big tent.

Waterfront was bursting with activity as well. A herd kayaks were being paddled by campers, and there was lots of use of the new blob too. ‘Blob ready’ anyone?

Motivational speaker and Paralympian Lloyd Bachrach gave a presentation to Units 3 & 4 that focused on making the best of your life despite setbacks and challenges, once again leaving everyone inspired for potential growth.

After dinner all cabins participated in a very lively game of Capture the Flag.

Meals: Breakfast was waffles, bacon, strawberries, apple bread with cereal, yogurt, bagels and fresh fruit available at every breakfast. Lunch was tacos with beef, beans and all the fixings, along with chips and salsa. Dessert was Churros. Dinner was kid friendly with chicken fingers and mac & Cheese along with corn, and rolls and butter and a salad bar available at every dinner. Dessert was Strawberry Shortcake. The after dinner snack was a sundae bar with toppings.

Weather: Today was certainly comfy in the shade, low eighties, but the bright sun provided enough heat to make the water activities feel great for those who did participate.

Big Thank You’s!: Culligan of Wheeling

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